Terms and Conditions


Any complaints have to be reported to All In One Tours Ltd immediately, otherwise refunds cannot be considered. If the service received is for any reason not satisfactory, All In One Tours Ltd will try to rectify the situation while the client is still in the UK. Refunds can only be considered if a complaint is registered in writing within one month of the customer's departure.

Luggage is at ‘owners risk’ throughout.

All In One Tours Ltd acts in good faith and cannot be responsible for any loss, inconvenience or damage caused by war, threat of war, riot or civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, diseases and plagues, fires, sickness, weather conditions, transport, airport regulations, temporary technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown within advertised accommodation beyond the control of All In One Tours Ltd.

All agreements between All In One Tours Ltd and the agent are bound by English law. Any disputes are to be settled in the London Law Courts. All In One Tours Ltd reserves the right to cancel all bookings without prior notice if the above terms and conditions are not abided by.